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Appointments are 12-minutes in length, with a three-minute break to transition between appointments. A system of chimes and announcements signal the start and end of each appointment.

There are 62 appointment slots available.

Appointment Matching

As of September 9, all delegates can log in to their accounts and select the partners they would like to meet. Each appointment-taking delegate can submit up to 100 appointment requests. Requests can then be ranked by priority.

After October 7, all requests are processed by computer-generated algorithm to create appointment schedules that ensure the best possible matches. Priority will be given in the following order:

  • Mutual matches
  • Buyer requests to meet with sellers
  • Seller requests to meet with buyers

Manual Appointment Request

On October 15 the matchmaking process is completed, schedules will be posted and manual appointments will open for delegates to fill any remaining open slots.

Modify or Cancel Appointments

Delegates can add, modify or cancel appointments through the My Canada Showcase Portal or mobile app. To maximize the time for all buyers and sellers, delegates who are unable to keep a scheduled appointment for any reason, are asked to cancel as far in advance as possible to allow time to rebook appointments.

Rules of

As part of the registration process, all participants must agree to abide by Canada Showcase Europe’s Code of Conduct.

Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct